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Essay Writing & Quality of Life – What Would You Choose?

Essay Writing & Quality of Life – What Would You Choose?

Essay writing services have never been more popular, and for some good reasons.


It’s one thing to write an essay or two at the end of the year and a completely different thing to write six or seven. Besides, if you compare requirements over the past years, you’ll notice professors today demand much more than normally.


Why? Simple. When the pandemic kicked in, everyone thought students had plenty of time on their hands. Therefore, professors asked for longer and more detailed essays. They became pickier. While students are back in schools now, these demands haven’t changed at all.


Today, essays are overwhelming, and professors seem to love them. And that’s the main reason why best essay writing services represent a top priority for students from all over the world.


Quality of life is probably the main reason; wherefore people choose to buy essays online or rely on essay writing help, whether they realize it or not. And this aspect covers multiple points of view.


Why do students buy their essays?


Different students have different reasons to rely on essay writing help. Here are some of the most popular ones:


  • Professional writers are experienced in both the respective topic and writing standards, meaning that the quality of their work is usually high and complies with the necessary requirements.


  • Many essay writers are schooled and educated in certain fields and have a good understanding of the different topics, therefore it helps them to write great essays with good accuracy.


  • An essay writer typically has more time available to dedicate to writing as they do it for a living, while students often have to juggle other tasks alongside their studies. This translates into fewer missed deadlines as essay writers can easily focus all of their attention on one project at a time.


  • Students who need help composing essays may also rely on materials provided by professors, but websites to write essays offer access to a bigger library full of useful resources.


  • Engaging professional services can bring someone else’s point of view into play, allowing them to come up with an original idea that might not have been considered before.


  • Prices offered by reliable essay writing companies are fairly reasonable and provide good value for money considering the quality they offer.


  • Many websites also provide multiple revisions if needed so that customers can get exactly what they want out of the service.


  • Essay writing websites provide a level of expertise that is usually not accessible to students, allowing them to deliver essays of the highest possible quality.


Now, if you take a moment to think about these, what do they mean?


Think about the consequences first.


Poor writing skills, low academic performance, a missed deadline… All these things will ruin your thesis writing service. And as if all these were not enough, you’ll also waste plenty of time to complete your essays.


With these ideas in mind, find paper writing service reviews, it is a matter of quality of life.


Essays and quality of life don’t go hand in hand


It makes no difference how good you are in a particular subject. It makes no difference how much time you have on your hands. You just cannot study on a 24/7 basis, regardless of how organized you are with your time and tasks.


You’ll have to sleep, eat, but also look after your social life. You’ll need to have fun and relax your brain. And unfortunately, that’s impossible when you get hit with assignments from all directions.


You’ll have to ruin yourself and even risk your health or face poor grades. That’s why more and more students choose to order essay online. A professional essay writer will help you restore this balance in no time.


Obviously, you don’t necessarily need to assign all your essays to a professional, but just some of the challenging ones.


Other than that, even if you have the time and you know what to write about, you’ll also require writing experience. A top notch student can come up with a terrible essay just because they lack writing experience, hence the necessity to order essay online.


Despite students buying essays for different reasons, the truth is everything revolves around the quality of life. Everyone has better things to do, from their social lives and family to their jobs or even other assignments.


Even if you only want to go out and have fun with your friends, that’s a good enough reason. You’re not being lazy, you’re just looking after your social life and mental health. Some people may see it differently, but at the end of the day, you need to look after yourself.


The bad news is that most professors don’t get that. And think about it for a minute… Who’s going to read dozens or even hundreds of essays? Exactly.


Most professors won’t be able to go through everything anyway, so they’ll mainly pick interesting titles or certain students’ work, that’s it.


There’s no point sacrificing your nights, family, and social life to please a professor.


And again, even if you’re good at that respective topic, there’s no need to prove it to anyone. You’re in school for your own future, not someone else’s. Therefore, choosing to buy essays online can help you focus on more important things.


Final words


There are countless reasons to ditch your assignments and find the best USA essay writing service instead. They’re not about being lazy or overlooking your future but about doing something in a schooling system that needs some innovation.


Writing countless essays won’t make you a better student or a better future professional. Instead, you’ll waste your time proving yourself to a professor who most likely doesn’t care. You’ll ruin your quality of life instead of focusing on more important things, whether in school or your personal life.


The industrial amount of essays you’ll have to write in school won’t prove your knowledge whatsoever.

8 Smart Tricks to Make Your Essay Longer

8 Smart Tricks to Make Your Essay Longer

Whether you’re struggling to meet a word count or looking for ways to make your essay longer without adding fluff, some smart tricks can help you. These tricks will not only add real words to your paper, but they’ll also improve the overall quality of your writing.

1. Use examples to strengthen your arguments

Regardless of the topic, supporting your claims with evidence is important. This will not only give your professor confidence in the strength of your argument, but it will also lengthen your essay!


2. Use phrases to transition ideas

Transitional sentences are a great way to keep your essay flowing smoothly from one point to the next. They can be particularly effective when you’re writing a long essay, as they will allow you to make it easier for readers to move from paragraph to paragraph.

3. Be selective with your research

This is an obvious tip, but it can be hard to avoid when you’re working on a long essay. It’s easy to get distracted by the wealth of information available online and forget to select a few key points. Therefore, you should always choose a specific topic and research the same before writing.

4. Write a solid outline before you start drafting your essay

If you have a good idea of what you will write about, it will be much easier to draft the essay as you go along. A good outline will help you organize your ideas and guide you on what to include in each paragraph.

5. Proofread your work to catch mistakes

It’s essential to proofread your essay before you send it to anyone to read, as it can help you spot any grammar or sentence structure errors that might be affecting the grade you’re getting. It’s also a good idea to go over the whole thing again in detail after you’ve written it, as this will highlight any areas that might need to be developed further.

6. Use illustrations to support your arguments

Using images, screenshots, graphs, and charts can be a great way to show your arguments clearly. However, they should be relevant to the topic you’re writing about, and you should include a caption that describes what the image is about.


7. Change your font and layout

There are many things you can do to make your paper seem longer, but you should always be careful not to break any style rules. Choosing a huge font, for example, or breaking your margins in an attempt to get a larger number of words on the page will not only take up more space but will also look less professional.

8. Consider a reverse outline

As soon as you’ve finished writing your essay, read it back through and try to write an outline of the ideas you have so far. This will help you re-arrange some of the pages and may even reveal some ideas that need more development.

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